Read what some of our customers have said about us:

“Superb quality in every aspect. Food is always excellent. Staff are always polite and courteous. This place is one of Birmingham’s gems!”
Arnost Hamishen

“We’re amazed by the quality of service given. They always go out of their way to help us in any way we ask. We’re the fussiest food eaters in the world! Even so, Moghul always manages to satisfy our demanding taste buds.”
Mr and Mrs Jameson

“I stumbled upon this place after taking a wrong turn after work one evening. I’ve never looked back and still have to travel a fair distance to come to this place. It’s all worth it because the food served is always amazing. ”

“We come to Moghul regularly and bring our friends regularly. We had a meal and accidentally chose something we didn’t like! The manager was more than happy to replace the dish at no extra cost. Small things like this have made us forever loyal customers.”
Charlie and Janet Horesham

“The best Indian restaurant in Birmingham. Nothing else needs to be said.”
Graham Bean

“I’m a ‘curry holich’! I became a regular 12 months ago and have only been to a few other curry houses since! The food and customer care are that good at Moghul, I don’t need to go anywhere else.”
Gloria Hanson